Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Does anyone regret being childfree?

For those that have decided permanently to be childfree. Does anyone regret it?Does anyone regret being childfree?
Never!! I'm 40, been married for 12 years and we couldn't be happier. I knew at 23 I didn't want any, luckily I met a great guy who agreed. I just knew that I did not have the patience to be a good mom. Everyone says that it's different with your own child, but am I supposed to take that chance? All my friends said I would change my mind, but I never once thought about changing it. We travel heaps and all our friends that have kids say they are envious of us. I love getting that phone call on a Saturday afternoon with friends asking us out. With no babysitters to worry about we can do whatever we like. If you know you don't any, don't try and talk yourself into it, you may regret it later. Us DINKS (dual income no kids) are a growing group. The worlds going to pot anyway!!Does anyone regret being childfree?

Great question.

I was unable to have children for medical and financial reasons and I was hurt but some things you don't get over you get through.

I may become a guardian and help children I have 16 nieces and nephews and all the babies at my church to love and fuss over.

I don't have any regrets I will be 39 toward the end of this month and to have to take care of a newborn would not be ideal or healthy for me. My husband is in his mid 40s.

Sometimes the most sacrificial thing you can do in life is surrender your best and desires to God and be honest and realistic.

Life surrenders its best where there is love Scott Wesley Brown

No where is it written that you have to have children to be happy. Be encouraged and enjoy the life set before you e4g
My daughter told me years ago that she would be one of those women who woke up as the clock was ticking away her time wearing a T-shirt saying, ';Oh ****, I forgot to have kids.';

But the hormones kicked in and she has a daughter who will be 10, a 7.5 year old, and twin boys 2.5. I don't think she regrets the choice she made, but there are a lot of rough times when she needs me to be there just because she is overwhelmed -- the girls have special needs and we don't know about the boys yet.

I had one child. Never regretted having only one.
I have kids but I think it sad when couples decided they don't want kids. I feel like if I didn't have my children I would wake up one day when I was 50 something and be alone no one to visit me or love me or look after me. I imagine it gets lonelier when the years pass by. All you have of your past will be memories of just you and your hubby.
Not in a million years; kids aren't for me. I'm 41, married, and not having kids has let me focus on my work and traveling. To me having kids would be like a prison sentence, and that attitude doesn't make a person a good candidate to be a parent.
When my hubby and i first got together he didn't want kids. We now have two beautiful little girls and he is the best father I could ever ask for them. He doesn't regret one bit of it
Not here. Just turned 41 and it seems to get better every year.

Should be retired by 52 and doing the Motorhome thing across the country. Can't wait.................
I didn't know if I wanted kids. I have two and wouldn't change it for the world. The joy they give you is unbelievable.
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